Dissolution of marriage

I just wanted to say that I had an excellent experience with mr. Spears. I had hired mr. Spears to do a dissolution of marriage with children although mr. Spears is new to the area he’s doing great work here in Vancouver or wherever else you may need him in the state of Washington or Idaho I was very satisfied how mr. Spears handled my case with him and I both knowing it was going to be an uphill battle especially for a single father trying to keep custody of his children. One of the things I admired about mr. Spears the most is how up front he is about the situation you may be in and how he can help you no matter how tough the case may be I have found out personally that mr. Spears is not one to run from a fight so if you’re looking for a good lawyer that is professional well organized Fair priced and looking out for your best interest whatever it may be then I highly recommend Travis Spears.