Family Law

Family Law

Family law consists of good people facing some of, if not the, most difficult moments in their lives. I am here to
help you with those difficulties. My practice style is to cut to the chase. My clients are the masters of their goals,
and I am the master of the strategy to assist them in achieving their goals. Helping families meet their needs,
during the tumultuous time a separation can bring, is always my goal. I have worked diligently during my time
practicing in Vancouver to develop strong professional relationships rooted in mutual respect. These professional
relationships help me to better serve you. When you are facing a divorce for your first time you need the guidance
of a compassionate and understanding advocate who will defend your rights throughout the many steps of a
divorce. When you are facing a fight over custody of your children, you need an ardent attorney who will argue
zealously for your rights to your children. When you are facing a request for, or are laying your own request for, a
modification of a parenting plan, you need an experienced attorney trained in the trenches of litigation. When child
support is being set or changed, you need the assistance of an attorney well versed in child support to ensure that
the proper sums are paid. You need Travis Spears of Spears Law. I am here to help you navigate the many peaks
and pitfalls a family law case presents.

I will also be happy to help those who are able to be amicable yet still need the help of
a trained professional in putting their boundaries into a legally enforceable document.
Call if you need help.

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