CDL Defense

CDL Defense

I am the son of a long-haul operator. I grew up immersed in the lore of the road, listening to C.W. McCall sing songs
of keeping smokey off your tail and the Nishnabotna River. I have understood since childhood the importance of a
Commercial Driver’s License and that what it stands for is food on the table and a warm bed to sleep in at night. It
is those same operators who worked tirelessly the last two plus years during a national supply chain nightmare to
keep us all fed and with warm beds at night. It is with the greatest of respect that I approach every case I handle
with my commercial motor vehicle operator clients. No case is too small and no issue too mundane given the huge
consequences on the CDL of the operator. My rates are very reasonable, and I have a very high success rate in all
of my CDL work, particularly my results on traffic infractions.

Whether you have a CDL or not, if you have received a traffic infraction, or have licensing issues,
give me a call today. If you are a CMV operator… keep the bugs off your glass and the bears off
your… tail.

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